Sunday, August 21, 2016

Robots Are Changing The Business Landscape: Top Robotics Stocks

As we all know, the world is changing around us, each and every day. Some would say for the better, and some would say in a negative manner. On the positive side, all of the technology that is out there is only going to help the world and make things easier in the long run. Technology can be used for the greater good when it is implemented correctly and for the right causes and purposes. Under the right circumstances and the right situation, it can really make a difference.

When it comes to businesses, companies are recognizing how robotics can help people and make things more trouble-free for their customers and consumers. It is all about convenience and making things as easy for people as possible. 

One area that is really changing the business landscape is consumer robotics. These are actual robot vacuum cleaners and they function just as well as a human being, if not better. There are a lot of people out there that dread vacuum cleaning. Let's face it: no one likes to do household chores. It is something that has to be done and not something anyone enjoys doing. With these robot vacuum cleaners, they can do the job efficiently for the customer.

Robots are even making their way into the medical industry with robot surgery to make sure there are better results. Lots of people are scared to get surgery or go under the knife. However, many people that need surgery feel a lot safer knowing their chances of a successful surgery would be higher with a robot in charge. 

Robotics is extensively used in the manufacturing industry. The benefits are that they run 24-hours a day, they reduce accidents in the workplace, and they save money.

The possibilities are endless and they are only getting started with ways to help not only end users but businesses as well. In fact, robots are even helping people that are in pain and suffering. There are exoskeletons, which can help people with spinal cord injuries. Whatever kind of robot someone is looking for, it is only a matter of time before one is developed.

The point is, many companies are jumping on the robotics bandwagon. As an example, according to the free list of robot stocks at, there are over 50 companies involved in robotics to some extent.

IRobot’s Household Robots May Replace Housecleaners  

The purchases on Main Street can affect the value of a stock on Wall Street. Therefore, monitoring what everyday consumers will be purchasing in the future is a must. iRobot (IRBT) manufactures and markets a number of robots that are growing in popularity among middle-class shoppers including the Roomba vacuum cleaning robot and the Scooba floor washing robot. So if you're looking to invest in robotics, iRobot is a company you should be investigating. iRobot trades at 28 times trailing earnings and 23 times forward earnings. This debt free company has $173 million in cash, amounting to $6.38 in cash per share. Quarterly earnings tanks 34% for the latest quarter, on flat revenues.

Intuitive Surgical: Building Machines to Save Lives 

No matter how healthy people get, operations will continue to be necessary on occasion. Intuitive Surgical (ISRG) is using robotic technology to take modern medicine farther than its ever gone before. The company created the Da Vinci Surgical System, which brought robotic surgery into the mainstream, Intuitive Surgical is one of the global leaders in building surgical robots. The stock has a trailing price to earnings ratio of 39, and a 28 forward PE ratio. This is another debt free stock with $56.73 in cash per share. For the latest quarter, earnings rose 37% on a 15% increase in sales.

Teradyne: Collaborative Robots 

Teradyne (TER) makes and markets automatic test equipment and its industrial automation division produces collaborative robots for manufacturing processes. The stock trades at 15 times forward earnings and is debt free with over $4 per share in cash. For the latest quarter, revenues were up 3.7%.

Humanoid Robots

In 2010, I wrote about the world's most realistic female robot. You can see below the video I posted at that time. Since then, the female humanoid robots have become even more life-like, if you can believe that.

Adding any or all of these stocks to your portfolio have the possibility of providing potentially large profits over the long term. The Robot Revolution is here and it's up to you to decide whether you want to invest in it or sit on the sidelines while others benefit. If you want a free list of dozens of robot stocks, go to

Disclosure: Author has a neutral position (both bullish and bearish) in IRBT at the time this article was written. 


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