Friday, June 08, 2007

A Web Site that Copies

Is a new competitor to and copycat of or does it have a different approach? is an outstanding web resource, which allows you to enter your own stock holdings and get recommendations from numerous hedge funds, mutual funds, and professional investors with similar holdings. You can create and track a portfolio, and compare it to others with similar stockholdings. There is also a question and answer section, a forum, a blog section, and a video section. is owned by (TSCM). is a new site that allows you to track your portfolio and compare it to others who have their portfolio tracked. You can also charge fees to those who want to access your your portfolio. (I wonder if this would make them investment advisers?)

Author owns shares in TSCM and does work for them.


Unknown said...


This is Rikki Tahta, CEO of Covestor.

Stockpickr is great and we all enjoy it. The major difference with Stockpickr, Stocktickr, Socialpicks, Motley Fool CAPs, portfolio trading games and Covestor is fantasy vs reality.

Covestor is about sharing real-trades and building a real track record. It is much harder to participate on Covestor, and its much harder to make real money than fantasy money - but then already we have hedge funds looking to us a source of future talent.

You can find some more thoughts on the difference of fantasy and reality here:

and an older one here

Happy to field any more questions - feel free to ping me at [rikki at covestor]

cheers Rikki

Stockerblog said...

Hi Rikki

Thanks for your explanantion of the difference between Covestor and other sites. I will check your site regularly, and please keep me posted on any new features that your site is offering.