Thursday, December 03, 2009

Tiger Woods Stock Index Update

Tiger Woods was the highest-paid professional athlete in 2008, having earning approximately $110 million. He is connected to a lot of publicly traded companies, acting as spokesperson for their products, record labels, and movie distributors. Back in February, I created the Tiger Woods Stock Index and thought it was time to do an update, especially considering that he is now in the center of controversy and popular news. Tracking the stocks he is connected with from January of 2009, the Tiger Woods Stock Index has underperformed the Dow Jones Industrial Average, rising 25% for the year versus 29% for the Dow.

The stocks in his stock index portfolio include:

Nike (NKE) Woods has a multi-year endorsement deal with Nike Golf.

Accenture (ACN) Appears in Accenture commercials. It is also the title sponsor of Woods' first event of 2009, the Accenture Match Play Championship.

Electronic Arts (ERTS) 'Tiger Woods PGA Tour' series of video games.

LVMH Moet Hennesey (LVMUY.PK) TAG Heuer professional golf watch, "the first watch for golf professionals."

Fortune Brands (FO) The Titleist brand is owned by the Acushnet Company. Acushnet is owned by Fortune Brands.

General Mills (GIS) Eighth athlete to be a permanent representative of Wheaties.

Procter and Gamble (PG) 'Gillette Champions' marketing campaign.

Pepsico (PEP) Gatorade Tiger Woods Drink is marketed by the Quaker Oats Company, a division of PepsiCo.

Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) Endorsement with NetJets, a subsidiary of Berkshire Hathaway.

If you are wondering if the November 27, 2009 automobile accident had any effect on his stock index, you can see from the daily graph, there is no residual effect.

The Tiger Woods Index is a price-weighted index, similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average. LVMUY.PK was excluded from the analysis because it trades on the Pink Sheets. BRK-A was excluded because its high price would skew the index.

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Author does not own any of the above.

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Past Expiry said...

Easy explanation why Tiger Woods had an affair (or two, or 3, or 4...)

New meaning to the 18th hole.

Steph said...

Poor guy... We don't know the story! one thing is sure, he wasn't happy with his wife!
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budianto Yang said...

Yesterday morning, a woman was taken to the hospital in an ambulance from Tiger Woods' residence, a second alleged porn star mistress was announced, and reports surfaced that indicated that Tiger Woods may have overdosed before his November 27th car accident.more information:

News said...

I appreciate your Tiger Woods index - it is both interesting and useful.

I believe history might be useful in giving us some clues about previous similar situations such as Phelps earlier this year. I'd be interested in your take on my views I wrote up:


jeebas said...

the unfolding tiger woods saga is sure to give any hollywood stars goosebumps. lets see who agrees to play the fallen hero.

mischel said...

Tiger Woods has been dropped by Gatorade, Tag Heuer and AT&T. Next stop Nike? Online sports bloggers on are still supporting Tiger. Some say his new motto should be 'Just do me'. The only thing that can save him now is a tearful appearance on Oprah.