Friday, June 04, 2010

Best Bargains for High Yield Electric Utilities

With the stock market tanking, plenty of quality utility stocks have suffered. However, the lower stock prices means higher yields. About ten more electric utility stocks are yielding more than 5% this month over last month. In addition, these stocks can provide relative safety, security, and stability. Historically, utilities have paid favorable dividends for many years with low volatility. has come up with an updated list of numerous electric utility stocks that pay high dividends.

Here are some examples of utility stocks with CD beating yields.

Pepco Holdings, Inc. (POM) has a yield of 6.9%, and has a PE of 15.4

Ameren Corporation (AEE) has a yield of 6.4%, and has a PE of 9.7

American Electric Power Company, Inc. (AEP) has a yield of 5.4%, and has a PE of 11.2

Black Hills Corporation (BKH) has a yield of 5.2%, and has a PE of 12.8

For more top yielding stocks, you can access a free downloadable Excel database of high yield electric utility stocks, which you can add to, change, and sort, at

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