Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Top Search Engine Stocks

comScore (SCOR), the organization that provides information relating to online marketing data, recently came out with its ranking of United States search engines. comScore happens to be a publicly traded company, traded on the NASDAQ, and has a price to earnings ratio of 128.

Google (GOOG), the largest search engine in the world, is still at the top of the list with over 64.4% of the share of total searches. This is a slight drop from the previous month. The stock has a P/E of 22.

In second place is Yahoo (YHOO), which has about 17.7% of the share of searches, an increase of 0.8% over the previous month. The stock has a P/E ratio of 26.5.

Although it's a very small portion of their business, Microsoft (MSFT) does have their own search engine through Bing and, and has 11.8% share of the search engine market. Microsoft also owns Microsoft has a P/E of 13, and pays a yield of 2%., in fourth place, is owned by the Oakland, California based IAC/InterActiveCorp (IACI). Ask has 3.7% of the share of searches. IAC has recently generated negative earnings.

AOL (AOL), which used to have a big share, but in terms of search engine searches, now has less than 2.5% of the market. AOL has a P/E of 10.

The Internet search engine, Inc. (BIDU), is the leading search engine in China. The company, which was founded in 2000, has a P/E of 94.

InfoSpace Inc. (INSP) has several search engines including,,, and The stock has a P/E of 20. (AMZN) owns the e-commerce search engine, which utilizes Live Search. Amazon has a P/E of 52.

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Author owns AOL, AMZN, and MSFT.


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