Saturday, July 03, 2010

Top Defense and Aerospace Stocks

Last month, we featured an article on anti-terrorism stocks. As a follow-up, we decided to review defense and aerospace companies. Owning a defense stock in your portfolio is a good way to protect your portfolio, similar to owning gold. Plus, the government will always spend money on defense no matter who is in office. In addition, many of these stocks pay decent yields according to the new list of defense stocks at Here are a few examples.

Embraer, also known as Empresa Brasileira De Aeronutica S.A. (ERJ) based in Brazil, makes and markets jets and aircraft for defense and civil aviation markets. The stock has a PE of 7.5, a PEG of 1.4, and pays a yield of 0.4%.

Boeing (BA) makes and markets jets, military aircraft, missile defense systems, satellites, and launch systems. The stock has a fairly high PE of 37, a PEG of 1.99, and pays a yield of 2.5%.

Northrop Grumman Corp. (NOC) provides aerospace products, electronics, and shipbuilding to the military, government, and commercial customers. The stock has a PE of 10, a PEG of 0.97 , and pays a yield of 3.2%.

To see the entire list of the defense stocks, go to, to download the free Excel database, which includes six defense stocks with yields above 1.5%.

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