Thursday, July 08, 2010

Top Yielding Stocks Under $10

I like low priced stocks, you like low priced stocks, everyone likes low priced stocks. And if you get a dividend in addition, it makes the stock even better. just came out with its list of top yielding stocks under $10 a share. Many of the companies listed are closed end funds. However, there are several regular companies.

An example is Alaska Communications (ALSK) which sells for less than $9 per share, has a PE of 11.6, and pays a yield of 9.6%.

Another example is Hercules Technology (HTGC) which sell for less than 9.50 per share, has a fairly high PE ratio of 23.2, but a forward PE of 7.4, and pays a yield of 8.5%.

Provident Energy (PVX) sells for less than 7 per share and yields 9.6%.

For a list of stocks that pay a yield and sell for less than $10 per share, go to Just remember, very high yields may not be sustainable.

Author does not own any of the above.



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