Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Top Yielding Stocks Under $5 a share

Many investors think that the perfect stock is one that sells for a low price and pays a high yield. It may be hard to believe but there are actually several stocks, including closed end funds, that sell for less than $5 a share and pay a dividend, with a dozen paying yields greater than 1.25%.

WallStreetNewsNetwork.com just posted a list of high yield stocks selling for around $5 or less, with yields ranging from 0.4% to 11.5%. Just remember that the yields are based on historical payments, and the dividends can be adjusted, reduced, or terminated at any time.

21st Century Holding Co. (TCHC) is an insurance underwriting and claims processing company which yields 6.3%. The stock recently traded at 3.79.

Qwest Communications International Inc. (Q), a telecom company, yields 5.7%. The stock trades at less than $6 per share.

Electro-Sensors Inc. (ELSE), which makes and sells industrial production monitoring and process control systems, has a yield of 3.5% with a trading price of 4.25.

For the full list of high yield stocks trading for less than $5, which can be downloaded and sorted, go to WallStreetNewsNetwork.com.

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By Fred Fuld at Stockerblog.com

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