Saturday, March 07, 2015

Dog Stocks Are Not Dogs

You can tell how much people love their dogs just by the amount of money they spend on them. For example, they purchase $4,000 for a dog house, $9,000 for a sapphire dog collar, and a $500 food bowl for dogs.

With money being spent like this on luxury items, not to mention food, toys, medical care, and numerous other pet items, the companies operating in this field are benefiting greatly. Here are a few stocks that are taking a bite out of this opportunity, which are from the free list of pet stocks at

Petsmart Inc. (PETM) is a Phoenix, Arizona based company with a market cap of $8.25 billion market cap. Petsmart markets toys, food, grooming, baths, nail trimming, tooth brushing, training and boarding. The stock trades at 19 times trailing earnings, a forward price to earnings ratio of 15, and pays a small yield of 0.9%. Earnings were up slightly for the latest quarter on a 6% rise in revenues.

VCA Antech Inc. (WOOF) provides veterinary services and animal diagnostic testing services and products. They also have one of the best stock tickers. The P/E is 34 and the forward P/E is 21. Quarterly earnings jumped 14.7% on a 10.2% boost in earnings.

Patterson Companies Inc. (PDCO) is a veterinary supply business, marketing lab supplies, paper goods, syringes, wound dressings, sutures, latex gloves, pharmaceuticals, ointments, and diagnostics to veterinarians. The P/E ratio is 23, and the forward P/E is 20. The stock sports a yield of 1.6%.

For a list of other companies in the business of pets, download it at

Disclosure: Author had no position in any of the above at the time the article was written.



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