Saturday, March 07, 2015

The Stock Market Was Down 278 Points But These Stocks Were Up Over 20% Yesterday

If you were watching the stock market at all yesterday, or even just checked the close, you would have noticed that the Dow Jones Industrial Average tanks by over 278 points, with the S&P down almost 30 and the NASDAQ down about 55 points.

But surprisingly, in spite of the bad day, many stocks were up. Here is a list of some of those stocks, all of which were up over 20%.

Aoxing Pharmaceutical Company, Inc. (AXN) up 33%

DURECT Corporation (DRRX) up 22%

RXi Pharmaceuticals Corporation (RXII) up 22%

Regado Biosciences, Inc. (RGDO) up 20.3%

Disclosure: Authose had no positions in any of the above stocks at the time the article was written.

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