Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Most Expensive Business Book Sells for $35,000

Some books in the investment field are fairly expensive. For example, the book called Margin of Safety sells for around $2,000? But if you look at books that include business in general, you can find some even higher priced books.

The book Dialogues with David A. Koch (Lessons in Life and Business) is listed on Amazon at $34,908.44. The book contains dialogues between David Koch, the retired CEO of Graco, Inc.,and a group of seven MBA students.

Another book, Insider Trading: An Insiders Guide to Intelligent Investing sells for $9,999.00.

Here is an interesting one. Financial Astrology & Stock Market Astrology - A Guide to Stock Market Acceleration Points for Stocks and Futures Trading at a price of only $9,000.00.

You may be better off just putting the money into a trading account that you would have spent on these books.

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