Monday, August 14, 2006

Pictures of Burning Dell Laptops are affecting Dell stock price

Today, after the stock market closed, Dell reported that it is recalling over 4 million batteries from its laptop computers. A couple months ago, when the stock was trading between 24 and 26, a story broke about how a Dell laptop exploded into flames at a business conference in Japan. To see some of the pictures of the exploding Dell laptop, check out this link:

Since that time, the stock has gradually drifted downward (to as low as 20 per share before recovering slightly), dropping significantly in the later part of July when more stories came out about exploding Dell laptops. To read more about the Dell laptops that have caught fire or exploded including pictures, check out the following links:

Today, while the market was open, the stock was up slightly before the news came out. However, in after-market trading, the stock dropped 30 cents (approx. 1.4%) from the close, at 20.94. Tomorrow will tell us how bad the Dell battery recall news will affect the stock.

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