Sunday, May 13, 2007

A Book for Business Travelers about Surviving Airport Screening

I just came across an interesting book called I Might As Well Be Naked: How to Survive Airport Screening With Your Clothes On by Natalia Ippolito, a former security screener with the TSA. This 190 page book intersperses a lot of info and tips with true stories of actual airport incidents, some strange, some funny, some both. In addition to check-in tips and packing tips, it also covers what to wear and not wear, dealing with laptops, and traveling with your family. The book has a checklist at the end of what can and cannot be packed [did you know that scissors are allowed in your carry-on if they are the right type]. It also has info on finding out if your name is similar to one that is on the no fly list and what to do if it is. It also talks about how to get an "exit card" which allows you leave the security area to return back to the airline counter, then bypass all the lines returning to security. The book can be ordered through the publisher,, or all the major booksellers.

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