Sunday, February 08, 2009

Book Review: The Love Me Tender Years Diary by Elvis Presley's Personal Secretary

Although this book may not be investment related, unless you consider Elvis Presley memorabilia as investments, I thought it would be worth writing about as I am an Elvis Presley fan and the book has a very unique perspective. This book is called The Love Me Tender Years Diary written by Trude Forsher and compiled by her son James Forsher. You cant get much closer to Elvis that being his personal secretary, and that is who Trude Forsher was. She worked for Elvis and Col. Tom Parker during the late 1950's when Elvis was making his quantum leap from being just successful to becoming a worldwide superstar.

Trude Forsher gives a truly exceptional and exclusive insight into both the personal and business life of Elvis, and the anecdotes are backed up throughout the book with photos of actual letters and handwritten notes she received from both Elvis and the Colonel, along with photographs of her and The King. Numerous aspects of Presley's personality are contained in the book, including his sense of humor. (e.g. a fake mouse in a mousetrap, left by Trude's desk). She also provides extensive coverage of Presley's transition to the motion picture industry.

If there are any Elvis Presley fans out there who want to learn about aspects of his life that have not been provided elsewhere, then I highly recommend that you get The Love Me Tender Years Diary.

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