Saturday, December 31, 2011

Dragon Flyers in China: An Incredible Video

What a way to end the year with an amazing video about the Dragon Flyers in China. These guys make sky divers, bungee jumpers, mountain climbers, and hang gliders look like merry-go-round riders. The action starts one minute and twenty seconds into the video, so watch at least the first couple minutes to see what the dragon flyers are.

Chinese Scenes from BASE-Book - Matt Gerdes on Vimeo.

Obviously, the video has nothing to do with stocks, bonds, or investments, but I thought you would enjoy it.


Robert F Rothgery said...

Beautiful Video Fred. Thank you for posting it. Happy New Year! -rr

james said...

Great blogspot

Stockerblog said...

I'm glad everyone liked this video. I got a lot of positive feedback in several different places. Happy New Year everyone!!!