Friday, February 17, 2012

How to Print a Car from a Printer (Yes a Real Car, Not a Toy)

If you missed my article last month about the companies that are involved in three dimensional printing, you should check it out. I described how 3-D printers could print something as small as a speck of dust. You might say to yourself, 'that's nice, but if I want to print something in three dimensions, I want something useful.'

Well now it is possible to print out an automobile. Yes, a real car, not a toy car. The car is called a Urbee, it really runs, and it is build to last 30 years. The engine is a hybrid which runs on both gasoline and batteries.

The large printer creates the car with numerous layers of composite material. The car was produced by Kor EcoLogic, based in Winnepeg, Canada. It can go up to 70 miles an hour and gets about 100 miles per gallon. With mass production, it is expected to sell for $50,000. But its not the environmentally conscious aspects of the car or the long futuristic shape of the car that generates interest, it is the fact that the car was printed. If you want more info on companies involved in 3D printing check out this article.

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