Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Stock that was Up 11000% on Friday

On Friday, August 16, a stock rose 11011.11%. Yes, you read that right, not 100%, not 1000%, and not just 10000%. The name of the company is Decor Products International Inc. (DCRD) and according to a couple sources, the stock closed at ten cents a share and previously closed at $0.0009 per share, that's nine one-hundredths of a cent. If you could have caught those prices and bought a million shares, you would have invested $900 and received $100,000.

This is a China based company that makes and markets furniture decorative paper. Surprisingly, or perhaps weirdly, the stock has an extremely low price to earnings ratio of 0.30 and a book value of 5.11.

According to the Yahoo! Finance five year chart on this stock, it traded around $90 a share back in 2009.

I don't recommend that anyone ever invest in this or any similar types of stock as they are extremely speculative due to the low capitalization, the strange financial data, and the weird trading activity. However they are still still fun to watch.

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