Friday, November 08, 2013

The Wealth Code 2.0

When I read the first chapter of The Wealth Code 2.0: How the Rich Stay Rich in Good Times and Bad by Jason Vanclef, where he agreed with my thoughts on how it is not necessarily a good idea to pay down your mortgage, I knew that I would enjoy this book.

The book gives a very complete rundown on all the various types of investments available to investors, not just the basic stocks, bonds, and real estate. Vanclef covers everything from collectibles to coins to equipment leasing to oil and gas to annuities and much, much more. I like his write-up on asset class diversification in Chapter 6, which is written in an easy to understand format.

I may not agree with everything in the book, such as the section on 401(k) plans versus an investment condo, but overall, I think Vanclef does a great job of discussing the many aspects of investing in plain language, using many analogies. He also explains the risks along with the upsides of various investments.

For those who want a better understanding of investments and those who are considering a transitioning of their portfolios outside the classic investments, I recommend The Wealth Code 2.0.

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