Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Have You Bought Gifts for Your Pet Yet? Have You Bought Pet Stocks for Yourself?

People love their pets and are willing to spend as much on their pets (if not more) as themselves. It doesn't matter if your pet is a dog, a cat, a bird, a fish, a horse, or a snake. According to the American Pet Products Association, total Unites States pet expenditures this year is expected to be $55.53 billion. This is up from $53.33 in 2012, which was up from $50.96 in 2011.

Pets are a $55 Billion Business

Investors who are looking for a way to participate in this industry have several dog stocks to pick from and I don't mean 'dog' in a bad way, I mean it in a pet way. According to WallStreetNewsNetwork.com, there are over half a dozen pet related stocks to choose from.

Toys and Food for Pets

One of the big players in the industry is Petsmart Inc. (PETM), which trades at 18.4 times trailing earnings and 16.3 times forward earnings.  The company sells pet supplies at over 1,100 locations. Earning for the latest quarter were up 12% on a 4% rise in revenues. The yield on the stock is 1.1%.

Drugs and Medicine for Pets

Medical care is a fast growing industry, and medical care for pets is also expanding. PetMed Express Inc. (PETS) is the large online pet pharmacy. The stock hs a trailing price to earnings ratio of 17.3, and a forward PE of 16.4. This is one of the stocks that provides a very generous yield of 4.4%.

Animal Hospitals

One pet stock with a great stock ticker symbol is VCA Antech Inc. (WOOF). The company offers medical and surgical services through its animal hospitals. The company also provides laboratory services for animal hospitals and practices. The stock trades at 49.7 times trailing earnings and 16.4 times forward earnings.

More Pet Stocks

If you want to see a free list of pet and animal related stocks, go to WallStreetNewsNetwork.com. The list has info on the PE, forward PE, PEG, and yield.

Disclosure: Author didn't own any of the above at the time the article was written.

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