Friday, January 10, 2014

The Stock that went from $50,630,000,640 per share in 1997 to 12 cents Today

Would you believe that there is a stock that traded at a split adjusted basis of $50,630,000,640 per share back in November of 1997? It traded at 'only' $5,063,000 per share on a non-adjusted basis back then.

 $50,630,000,640 per share in 1997

This is according to Yahoo Finance. (I wonder if there is a missing split somewhere in that calculation?) This information can be found by entering the stock symbol, clicking on Historical Prices on the left side, then scroll down and click on the Last link. Look at the bottom of the list for 1997.

 12 cents per share now

Today the stock is trading for around 12 cents a share. What's the stock you might ask? It is one of the recent 'high flying' marijuana stocks, Cannabis Science (CBIS). This Colorado Springs based company is involved in the development of phytocannabinoid based pharmaceutical products to treat blood pressure, autism, and cancer side effects.

Revenues for the latest reported quarter were up 3719% with a one cent earnings loss per share. The company has a market cap of $89 million.

Disclosure: Author owns CBIS.

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