Thursday, November 17, 2016

Why My Greece Stock Motif Was Up 565% Since August

If you are not aware of what a motif is, I will explain it to you. A motif is like a mini-ETF where an individual can create whatever  they want in a portfolio and trade it just like a regular ETF. Usually the portfolio revolves around a specific industry or topic.

I have created several of these motifs including Drone Stocks (up 3.9% since the beginning of August), Cuba Stocks (+6.9%), Marijuana Cannabis Stocks (+24%), and Virtual Reality Stocks (+10.9%).
However, the biggest winner of all was the Greek Stock Motif, with the full name of Greece Stocks Under $5 a Share. The motif was created on July 31 of this year, and as of Wednesday, November 16, the motif was up over 565%. Unfortunately, today the motif dropped 77%, causing a return since of creation of only 52.6%. What has caused this huge rise?
First, DryShips (DRYS) rose from 21.60 a share to 73 a share on November 15. It has since tanked. Second, Globus Maritime (GLBS) went from 56 cents a share to 5.93 a share today, a 959% increase in price.Almost all the other companies were shipping stocks, which have had enormous returns over the last six months. TOP Ships (TOPS) was up 107% in just the last month.
If you want to see all the stocks in this motif, you can see them here.

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