Friday, August 06, 2010

Book Review: Dividend Stocks For Dummies

As you are probably aware, I've written plenty of articles about dividend stocks, probably 75% of all the postings. So it is only natural that I review the book Dividend Stocks For Dummies by Lawrence Carrel. Designed for the beginning investors who are looking to generate more income than the half percent yield on CD's, and are willing to dip their foot into the income stock pool, the book explains in easy to understand detail how dividend stocks work, how to analyze the stocks, tax issues, and managing your portfolio.

The book even covers direct stock purchase plans and dividend reinvestment plans, along with how the ex-dividend dates and all the other related dates work. The section on risk is also important.

What was a big surprise for me about the book (and in the interest of full disclosure) is that one of the recommended web sites as a resource was our sister site,

"Wall Street News Network provides a lot of stock databases, including lists of which stocks go ex-dividend in each month and the highest yield stocks in a variety of industries , all compiled in Microsoft Excel spreadsheets. Take a look at"

If you are fairly new to dividend stock investments, get the book Dividend Stocks For Dummies.

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