Friday, August 13, 2010

Puget Sound Energy Distributes Rotten Egg Smell by Mail

Puget Sound Energy, which used to trade on the New York Stock Exchange, and is now privately held, distributes electricity to over a million customers and natural gas to over 700,000 customers. But this month, the company will be distributing something else, a scartch-and-sniff flyer that smells like rotten eggs. The company did this to let customers know what a gas leak aroma smells like.

Although you can't invest in this rotten eggs smell distributor, there are plenty of other natural gas utilities that are available for your portfolio, over 20 with yields above 3%. For example, Nicor Inc. (GAS), with the unforgettable stock ticker symbol, pays a dividend of 4.3% and sports a forward PE ration of 14.6. The company distributes natural gas to over 2 million customers in Illinois.

Piedmont Natural Gas Co. Inc. (PNY), a North Carolina nat gas distributor with almost a million customers, pays a 4.1% yield and trades at 16 times forward earnings. The company was upgrades by Robert W. Baird Company in July.

For a list of over 20 high yield natural gas and propane utilities, you should check out the list at

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