Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Great Hedge Fund Books

Although you don't hear much in the news about hedge funds anymore, July was the best performing month this year for the funds, up 3.12% for the month, according to The Credit Suisse Liquid Alternative Beta Index.

Here are some of the top hedge fund books, in no particular order, about how hedge funds work, how to invest like a hedge fund, how to invest in a hedge fund, and managing hedge funds.

All About Hedge Funds : The Easy Way to Get Started by Robert A. Jaeger

Trade Like a Hedge Fund: 20 Successful Uncorrelated Strategies & Techniques to Winning Profits by James Altucher

Investment Strategies of Hedge Funds by Filippo Stefanini

How to Create and Manage a Hedge Fund: A Professional's Guide by Stuart A. McCrary

Funds of Hedge Funds: Performance, Assessment, Diversification, and Statistical Propertiesby Greg N. Gregoriou

Vault Career Guide to Hedge Funds by Aditi A. Davare and Holly Goodrich

Managing a Hedge Fund by Keith Black

Hedge Fund of Funds Investing: An Investor's Guide by Joseph G. Nicholas

SuperCash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism by James Altucher

Hedge Fund Masters: How Top Hedge Fund Traders Set Goals, Overcome Barriers, and Achieve Peak Performance by Ari Kiev

Confessions of a Street Addict by Jim Cramer

Hedge Fund Trading Secrets Revealed by Robert Dorfman

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