Saturday, September 06, 2014

What Stocks Does Al Gore Own?

When you hear the name Al Gore, former Vice President under President Bill Clinton, you don't normally think of investing, however he the chairman of the successful investment management company, Generation Investment Management. The fund primarily invests in socially responsible and environmentally responsible companies, and those involved in sustainability.

Gore has made three stock purchases during the latest reported quarter. He bought 4.7 million shares of Microsoft (MSFT). Microsoft trades at 17 times trailing earnings and 14 times forward earnings. Earnings dropped 7.1% for the latest reported quarter on a 17.5% increase in revenues. The stock yields 2.6%.

Gore also implemented a new position in (AMZN), buying 493 thousand shares. Amazon currently has an extremely high price to earnings ratio of 540, and a forward PE of 180. Revenues for the latest quarter were up 23.2%.

His third purchase was Proctor & Gamble (PG) with 1.16 million shares. The stock is at 22 times earnings and 17 times future earnings. The company pays a dividend rate of 3.2%.

The largest holding is QUALCOMM (QCOM) with an investment of over $600 million.

If you want to jump on Al Gore's bandwagon, check out what he has invested in. You might become a winner also. If you like investment lists like this, such as the shareholdings of Warren Buffett, see the free lists at

Disclosure: Author owns MSFT, AMZN.


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