Tuesday, September 09, 2014

Top Stock and ETF Dividend Plays

Guest article from ino.com
When your neighbor and your mailman have stock recommendations, there is no question it’s a bull market! It may also be time to look out for a correction.
No one knows when a correction will happen and you don’t want to miss profits in a bull market. So what do you do?
It's simple! Continue buying quality companies with outstanding fundamentals, but look for “defensive” sectors and add in some outstanding dividend yields for good measure.
In this complimentary INO.com special report they reveal an ETF that’s packed with the best and most consistent dividend paying stocks. And the best part is that all of the companies included in this ETF have a record of increasing dividends for over 20 consecutive years.
As an additional bonus, you’ll also receive their favorite dividend stock. This stock sports an unbelievable dividend record backed by some of the strongest fundamentals.

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