Sunday, July 01, 2007

Lindsay Lohan Stock Index

Components of the Lindsay Lohan Stock Index:
DIS - Disney's The Parent Trap
VIVEF.PK - Vivendi - Universal Music Group - Universal Records - Casablanca Records - Lindsay's record albums
VIA-B - Viacom - Paramount Pictures - Mean Girls movie
DCX - makes Mercedes Benz cars
MAT - Lindsay doll
GE - General Electric - NBC Universal - NBC - Saturday Night Live
ANF - abercrombie kids ads

This is a price-weighted index, similar to the Dow Jones Industrial Average.
Dividends were excluded.

Up over 7% from end of March until the time she was cited for investigation of DUI.
However, after she went into rehab, the Index dropped about 3.4%, yet the Dow was down only 0.83%.
During the entire time frame, the Lindsay Index underperformed the Dow and S&P 500.

Author owns DIS, MAT and DCX.

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