Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Can You Retire? Get a Free Retirement Analyzer Program

Do you think you will be able to retire when you want to? If you are not sure, you should check out the free retirement analyzer program called RetAnalyzer, available at This program is similar to one that I created many years ago that was marketed in a software package for $99.

The program allows for the changing of variables such as the growth rate of your taxable and non-taxable investment, the estimated annual increase (inflation rate) in your desired income, etc. In the example that comes with the program, it assumes a 45 year old who wants to retire at age 59 and start receiving Social Security at age 62. In the example, the taxable investments are $500,000 and non-taxable investments are $70,000. Assuming the returns entered in the analysis, this person would run out of money at age 83. Could be cutting it a little close. however, that assumes a return of only 3.5% after-tax and 4% on non-taxable investments.

The program can either be downloaded or used online. The program requires that any version of Excel be installed on your computer. There is currently no charge for the RetAnalyzer program at this time.

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