Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Women's Legs Stocks

You should check out James Altucher's latest video on called Make Money Off Ladies' Legs, where he discusses a couple stocks involved in the removal of varicose veins and how the market for these types of 'leg' products and services will continue to increase for years. Since there appears to be a big interest in legs by both men and women, you might want to get a leg up on these investments that include leg rejuvenation companies and stocking companies.

Syneron Medical Ltd. (ELOS) is a manufacturer and seller of aesthetic medical products using electro-optical synergy technology that can be used for vascular treatments, hair removal, and reduction in the appearance of cellulite. . The stock has a PE of 14 , and a PEG of 0.81 .

Vnus Medical Technologies Inc. (VNUS) is a manufacturer of medical devices for the treatment of varicose veins using a proprietary radio frequency generator. The stock has a forward PE of 41 , and a PEG of 3.6 .

Cutera Inc. (CUTR) manufacturers laser aesthetic systems for hair removal, leg veins and and skin rejuvenation. The stock has a PE of 18 , and a PEG of 0.47 .

Vascular Solutions Inc. (VASC) is a medical device manufacturer which markets the Vari-Lase endovenous laser, that is used for the treatment of varicose veins. The stock has a forward PE of 17 , and a PEG of 0.86 .

IRIDEX Corp. (IRIX) is a provider therapeutic-based laser systems for dermatological and eye conditions. It has laser systems for aesthetic treatments, such as hair removal, leg veins, and sun damage. The stock has recently generated negative earnings and has a very low market cap.

Hanesbrands Inc. (HBI) manufactures hosiery and stocking under the brands Hanes, L'Eggs, and Just My Size. The stock has a PE of 21 , and a PEG of 0.54 .

Limited Brands Inc. (LTD) , although a smaller part of their business, their Victoria's Secret division makes stockings. The stock has a PE of 9 , and a PEG of 0.66 . The yield is 3.8%.

Frederick's of Hollywood Group, Inc. (FOH) owns women's clothing stores which sell stockings and other intimate apparel. The stock has a PE of 9 .

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