Saturday, January 17, 2009

Three Great Books - Nothing to do with Investing

If you are looking for three great reads, that have nothing to do with stocks or money, here are a few you might want to take with you on a plane or weekend holiday at the beach.

Bones (Alex Delaware, No. 23) by Jonathan Kellerman, is an attention grabbing psychological suspense and mystery thriller. The characters and suspects keep multiplying.

The Brass Verdict: A Novel is a legal mystery written by Michael Connelly, the author who wrote Blood Work. (Blood Work is one of my all time favorite mystery novels and movies; it has one of the most unique plots ever written in a mystery.)

If you saw the latest James Bond movie but didn't get enough James Bond, get Devil May Care, a brand new James Bond novel written by Sebastian Faulks, in the style of Ian Fleming.

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