Friday, October 01, 2010

Forget Gold, Try this ETF Instead

Guest Article

With Gold (GLD) reaching all-time highs again this week more investors are putting cash into anything precious metal related but I am here to caution you on doing so. There are far better opportunities than gold right now and chasing this trend is not the formula for generating short-term growth. We have traded GLD call options 8 times this year (7 profitable) in the ETF TRADR portfolio but now it’s time to step away. Of course, what type of ‘tradr’ would I be if I failed to offer a better alternative.

First off, it would be very difficult to find a long-term chart more strong and persistent than the Gold chart – it’s nothing short of amazing (and at the same time scary for the future of the dollar). That said, even as Gold has made new highs in recent days there is a better place to focus your trading capital. The semiconductor industry has lifted off in recent days and I expect it to continue. Here’s the performance chart between the headline-making Gold (GLD) rally and the Semiconductor ETF (SMH).

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