Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Get a 5% Yield from Morgan Stanley

If you are an income investor looking for high dividend stocks and are looking to diversify into investment banking stocks, you have several to choose from, but not with high yields. For example, the yield on Morgan Stanley (MS) is only about 0.8%.

However, there is another safer way to invest in the company and get a much higher yield, with inflation protection. Morgan Stanley happens to have a preferred stock called Morgan Stanley Floating Rate Depositary Shares Non-Cumulative Preferred A (MS-PA). This security currently sells for 20.15, a big discount to its par value amount of $25. The first call date is 7/15/2011.

The annual dividend payout is one dollar per year based on 4% of the par value, payable quarterly, giving the stock a current yield of about 5%. The dollar a year dividend is the minimum payout, as the yield is adjustable upwards if rates increase. The rate is based on the three month LIBOR rate plus 0.7%, subject to the minimum.

If you like these adjustable rate preferred stocks, you should take a look at How to Get a 6% Yield from Chesapeake Energy (CHK), How to Get a 4.9% Yield from Goldman Sachs (GS), and Lucent (ALU) Pays a Yield of 13%.

A list of about 20 adjustable rate preferreds, with yields ranging from 1.83% to 8.59%, is available at WallStreetNewsNetwork.com. The list includes the minimum yield, the floating rate calculation, the par value, annual income and yield.

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