Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Just Bought a 13% Guaranteed $5000 bond that Pays $120 per month Tax Free

Can you believe that I just bought a 13% guaranteed $5000 bond that pays $120 per month tax free for 5 years? And it's guaranteed by a major US bank.

Here is what it is. About a year ago, I got a 'special deal' on a credit card, interest free for one year on purchases and balance transfers. I took advantage of it.

The year is up, and now a 13% interest rate kicks in. So by paying off the credit card, I am saving about $120 a month for approximately five years, in essence generating a 13% return (as the alternative is not paying it off and paying the high interest). And of course, there is no taxation on the $120 per month savings. Such a deal.

This is obviously a very simple 'investment' or money management technique. Just wanted to reinforce the benefits of credit card payoffs, especially to those who are getting credit cards for the first time.

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