Sunday, July 29, 2012

Top High Yield Low Price No Debt Below Book Stocks

It is one thing to find a high yield low price stock, but there are more characteristics that you have to look at. Does the stock only pay a dividend once a year or quarterly? Is it selling way above book value or below book? Does the company have a ton of debt?

To make it easy for investors do do their research, has just updated its High Yield Stocks Below $10 per Share list, It has been narrowed down to only show the stocks with yields greater than 4%, selling below book value, and with little or no debt. In addition, all the stocks pay quarterly.

An example is Lawson Products Inc. (LAWS), a Chicago, Illinois based company which distributes maintenance and repair related products and services. The customers include numerous industries, such as automotive repair, commercial vehicle maintenance, government, manufacturing, food processing, distribution, construction, oil and gas, and mining. The stock trades at 6.7 times forward earnings and pays a very generous yield of 5.1%. The company has a small amount of debt relative to its capital and sells at 62% of book value.

Friedman Industries (FRD) is involved in steel processing, pipe manufacturing and processing, and steel and pipe distribution. The stock pay a dividend rate of 5.6% and sports a forward price to earnings ratio of 5.3. This debt free company sells right at book value.

The Dallas, Texas based A. H. Belo Corporation (AHC) is a newspaper publishing company, which owns and operates four metropolitan daily newspapers: The Dallas Morning News, The Providence Journal, The Press-Enterprise, and The Denton Record-Chronicle. The company last reported negative earnings but pays a 5.8% yield. The company is debt free and trades at 77% of book value.

The see the entire list of 30 high yield low priced stocks that have low or no debt and trade at less than book value, go to

Disclosure: Author didn't own any of the above at the time the article was written.


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