Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Ethanol Stocks: On Fire or Going Down in Flames?

As a round-up to my blogs on alternative energy stocks, which included solar energy stocks and wind energy stocks, I have put together a list of the companies involved in the production of ethanol (also called ethyl alcohol, grain alcohol, or drinking alcohol), which can be used as a stand alone fuel or a fuel additive. With the price of gasoline still relatively high, investors have been looking at ethanol stocks as a beneficiary of those high prices, plus the fact that the Iowa Caucus is coming up. A substantial portion of ethanol production takes place in the Midwest. Here is the list:

Archer-Daniels-Midland Company (ADM) Archer-Daniels-Midland, a component of the S&P 500, is the largest and oldest company on this list, founded in 1898. They have revenues of over $37 billion. They process, sell, and ship many types of agricultural products. Ethanol is a small part of their overall business.

Australian Ethanol Limited (ASTUF.PK) The company plans to produce ethanol plants in Australia.

Aventine Renewable Energy (AVR) This Illinois company, which has been in business for over ten years, produces and sells ethanol and feed products.

BlueFire Ethanol (BFRE.PK) This Irvine, California based company plans to develop and construct 20 cellulosic ethanol plants.

Diversa (DVSA) The reason that this company was included on the list is because the company develops enzymes, which can be used to convert starch into sugar to create ethanol. This is a San Diego, California based company which started in 1992.

Dyadic International (DIL) Dyadic, based in Florida, was founded in 2002. Another enzyme company included on the list. They develop and sell specialty enzymes, a portion of which are used in production of ethanol.

Green Plains Renewable Energy (GPRE) This is a Las Vegas, Nevada and Shenandoah, Iowa based company that was founded in 2004. They plan to develop an ethanol production facility in Iowa.

Gulf Ethanol Corporation (GFET.PK) This company markets and distributes sugarcane-based ethanol. They are based in Houston, Texas.

MGP Ingredients (MGPI) This Kansas based company, founded in 1941, produces various types of alcohol products, alcohol for beverage consumption, industrial alcohol, fuel alcohol, and distillers grain.

Novozymes (NVZMY.PK) This Denmark company, a major producer of enzymes, plans to develop cellulosic ethanol in China. The ADRĂ‚’s for this company, trades on the Pink Sheets.

Orion Ethanol (OEHL.OB) A Kansas based producer of ethanol.

Pacific Ethanol (PEIX) This company is a newcomer on the scene, founded three years ago in central California. They are currently building ethanol plants, and own an ethanol sales division. They recently came public in 2005.

Panda Ethanol, Inc. (PDAE.OB) This Dallas, Texas company is developing ethanol production facilities in Texas; Kansas; and Colorado.

The Andersons Inc. (ANDE) This company was included on the list because of their involvement in the buying and selling of grain, and the operation of grain storage facilities in the Midwest.

Tiger Ethanol International Inc. (TGEI.OB) The company plans to produce corn-based ethanol in the People's Republic of China.

US BioEnergy Corporation (USBE) USBE is planning to go public this Thursday.

VeraSun Energy (VSE) This company, which is based in South Dakota, produces and sells ethanol and related products. They began in 2001.

I believe the list is complete but if I have missed any ethanol stocks, please let me know through a comment below. None of the above stocks should be considered recommendations. The author holds no positions in any of these stocks at this time.

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