Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Year-End List of Monthly Dividend Stocks

I have added over 25 additional stocks to my list of stocks [including closed end funds or CEF's] that pay dividends monthly. The list now totals over 125 different monthly dividend payers. Monthly dividend stocks are useful for investors looking for regular periodic retirement income and they are useful for retirement plans due to faster compounding of money. This list includes closed end bond funds, Canadian royalty trusts, real estate investment trusts, oil income trusts, and other income trusts. Due to requests from readers, I have sorted the list by yield, from highest to lowest. In addition, I have identified the Canadian trusts due to the tax withholding issue which can significantly affect the yield, especially with regard to holding these Canadian Oil Income Trusts in retirement plans. The list shows the name of the stock, the stock market symbol, the yield, and if the stock is Canadian.

For a list of all the monthly dividend stocks in an Excel format which you can download, sort, add to, delete from, and change, go to WallStreetNewsNetwork.com.

Advantage Energy Income Fund (AAV) 18.8% [Canada]
Enterra Energy Trust (ENT) 17.6% [Canada]
Harvest Energy Trust (HTE) 17.3% [Canada]
Canetic Resources (CNE) 17.2% [Canada]
Pengrowth Energy Trust (PGH) 15.1% [Canada]
Precision Drilling (PDS) 13.6% [Canada]
PrimeWest Energy Trust (PWI) 13.4% [Canada]
Boulder Growth & Income Fund Inc. (BIF) 12.6%
Penn West Energy Trust (PWE) 11.6% [Canada]
Provident Energy Trust (PVX) 11.5% [Canada]
PIMCO High Income Fund (PHK) 11.2%
Baytex Energy (BTE) 9.7% [Canada]
Eaton Vance CRD Opportunities (EOE) 9.7%
Enerplus Resources Fund (ERF) 9.7% [Canada]
Nuveen Equity Premium Advantage Fund (JLA) 9.5%
Nuveen Equity Premium Opportunity Fund (JSN) 9.5%
Nuveen Equity Premium Income Fund (JPZ) 9.0%
Eaton Vance Floating-Rate Income Trust (EFT) 8.9%
Eaton Vance Senior Floating Rate Trust (EFR) 8.8%
Pioneer High Income Trust (PHT) 8.8%
Van Kampen Senior Income Trust (VVR) 8.8%
ING GL Equity Dividend (IGD) 8.7%
Lehman Brothers First Trust Income Opp. (LBC) 8.7%
Scudder High Income Trust (KHI) 8.6%
Alpine Global Dynami (AGD) 8.4%
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund II (EOS) 8.4%
Nuveen Equity Premium Growth Fund (JPG) 8.4%
Van Kampen High Income Trust II (VLT) 8.3%
First Trust/Four Corners Senior Fltg Rate Inc. (FCM) 8.1%
Nuveen Preferred Convertible Income Fund 2 (JQC) 8.1%
Western Asset High Income Fund II Inc. (HIX) 8.1%
BlackRock Enhanced Dividend Achievers Trust (BDJ) 8.0%
Eaton Vance Senior Income Trust (EVF) 8.0%
Evergreen International Balanced Income Fund (EBI) 8.0%
United Dominion 8.5 (UDM) 8.0%
BlackRock Global Floating Rate Income Trust (BGT) 7.9%
Pimco Global Stocksplus Income Fund (PGP) 7.9%
Strategic Global Income Fund Inc. (SGL) 7.9%
BlackRock Limited Duration Income Trust (BLW) 7.8%
Blackrock World Investment Trust (BWC) 7.8%
Cross Timbers Royalty Trust (CRT) 7.8%
Eaton Vance Enhanced Equity Income Fund (EOI) 7.8%
Western Asset High Income Opportunity Fund (HIO) 7.8%
American Strategic Income Portfolio III (CSP) 7.7%
BlackRock Enhanced Government Fund, Inc. (EGF) 7.5%
Franklin Templeton Ltd. Duration Income Trust (FTF) 7.5%
Advent Claymore Convertible Secur. & Income (AVK) 7.4%
Nuveen Real Estate Income Fund (JRS) 7.4%
Western Asset Global High Income Fund Inc. (EHI) 7.3%
Scudder Multi-Market Income Trust (KMM) 7.1%
Gabelli Gold, Natural Resources & Income (GGN) 7.0%
ING Clarion Real Estate Income Fund (IIA) 7.0%
Scudder Strategic Income Trust (KST) 7.0%
ACM Government Opportunity Fund Inc. (AOF) 6.9%
Alliance World Dollar Government Fund II (AWF) 6.9%
Morgan Stanley Municipal Premium Income (PIA) 6.9%
Permian Basin Royalty Trust (PBT) 6.8%
RMR Real Estate Fund (RMR) 6.8%
Morgan Stanley Quality Municipal Income Trust (IQI) 6.7%
Aberdeen Asia-Pacific Income Fund Inc. (FAX) 6.6%
AIM Select Real Estate Income Fund (RRE) 6.5%
San Juan Basin Royalty Trust (SJT) 6.5%
Colonial Intermarket Income Trust 1 (CMK) 6.4%
Flaherty & Crumrine Preferred Income Opp. (PFO) 6.4%
Neuberger Berman Real Estate Securities Inc. (NRO) 6.4%
Van Kampen Income Trust (VIN) 6.4%
RMR Hospitality and Real Estate Fund (RHR) 6.3%
BlackRock Income Opportunity Trust, Inc. (BNA) 6.2%
Scudder RREEF Real Estate Fund II, Inc. (SRO) 6.2%
AEW Real Estate Income Fund (RIF) 6.1%
AmREIT (AMY) 6.1%
BlackRock Income Trust, Inc. (BKT) 6.1%
Gabelli Dividend & Income Trust (GDV) 6.0%
ING Clarion Global Real Estate Income Fund (IGR) 6.0%
Scudder RREEF Real Estate Fund Inc. (SRQ) 6.0%
MFS Multimarket Income Trust (MMT) 5.9%
BlackRock Municipal Income Trust (BFK) 5.8%
Gabelli Global Utility & Income Trust (GLU) 5.8%
Hugoton Royalty Trust (HGT) 5.8%
Morgan Stanley Insured Municipal Income (IIM) 5.8%
BlackRock Municipal Income Trust II (BLE) 5.7%
Morgan Stanley Municipal Income Opportunities (OIA) 5.7%
Real Estate Income Fund Inc. (RIT) 5.7%
Putnam Master Intermediate Income Trust (PIM) 5.6%
Putnam Premier Income Trust (PPT) 5.6%
Colonial Municipal Income Trust (CMU) 5.5%
Dreyfus Strategic Municipals Inc. (LEO) 5.5%
MFS Charter Income Trust (MCR) 5.5%
MFS Municipal Income Trust (MFM) 5.5%
Morgan Stanley Municipal Inc. Opp. Trust II (OIB) 5.5%
Realty Income Corp. (O) 5.5%
BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust (BFZ) 5.4%
BlackRock Florida Municipal Income Trust (BBF) 5.4%
Colonial High Income Municipal Trust (CXE) 5.4%
Morgan Stanley Municipal Inc. Opp. Trust III (OIC) 5.4%
Pioneer Municipal High Inc. Advantage Trust (MAV) 5.4%
Scudder Strategic Municipal Income Trust (KSM) 5.4%
BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust (BNY) 5.3%
MFS Government Markets Income Trust (MGF) 5.3%
Putnam Managed Municipal Income Trust (PMM) 5.3%
BlackRock New Jersey Municipal Income Trust (BNJ) 5.2%
MFS Intermediate Income Trust (MIN) 5.2%
Pioneer Muncipal High Income Trust (MHI) 5.2%
Sabine Royalty Trust (SBR) 5.2%
BlackRock California Municipal Income Trust II (BCL) 5.1%
Morgan Stanley California Insured Municipal Inc. (IIC) 5.1%
BlackRock Florida Insured Municipal Income (BAF) 5.0%
Eaton Vance Municipal Income Trust (EVN) 5.0%
Inland Real Estate Corp. (IRC) 5.0%
Van Kampen Advantage Municipal Inc. Trust II (VKI) 5.0%
Van Kampen California Value Municipal Income (VCV) 5.0%
BlackRock Insured Municipal Income Trust (BYM) 4.9%
BlackRock New York Municipal Income Trust II (BFY) 4.8%
Eaton Vance Pennsylvania Municipal Income (EVP) 4.8%
BlackRock California Insured Municipal Income (BCK) 4.7%
BlackRock New York Insured Municipal Income (BSE) 4.7%
Eaton Vance Florida Municipal Income Trust (FEV) 4.7%
Eaton Vance Michigan Municipal Income Trust (EMI) 4.7%
Eaton Vance New York Municipal Income Trust (EVY) 4.7%
Eaton Vance Ohio Municipal Income Trust (EVO) 4.7%
Neuberger Berman Real Estate Income Fund (NRL) 4.7%
Van Kampen Massachusetts Value Muni Inc. (VMV) 4.7%
Eaton Vance California Municipal Income Trust (CEV) 4.5%
Eaton Vance New Jersey Municipal Inc. Trust (EVJ) 4.5%
Morgan Stanley Government Income Trust (GVT) 4.4%
Scudder Municipal Income Trust (KTF) 4.4%
Eaton Vance Massachusetts Municipal Income (MMV) 4.3%
Mesa Royalty Trust (MTR) 2.2%

No recommendations are expressed or implied with regard to the purchase, sale, holding, or shorting of any of the above stocks. The author owns four of the Canadian trusts listed above. Copyright 2006 Stockerblog, All rights reserved.


thkeegan said...

This list does not seem to contain the ACM Income Fund, ACG.

Stockerblog said...

You are definitely correct. I left out ACG and a couple others that I will be adding when I update the list mid-January.