Sunday, January 13, 2008

General Motors investing in Ethanol Company

General Motors (GM) has announced that it is investing in the cellulose ethanol maker, Coskata, which uses wood waste, garbage, and old tires to produce ethanol. It expects a cost to produce of one dollar per gallon by the year 2010.

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Fábio said...

Hi Mr. Fred Fuld. I have read part of your article in the website and I was very impressed with the studies about Gisele Bundchen. She is really amazing.

By the way, how important is Brazil for the Ethanol in the world?

As a brazilian citzen, i read articles and news about ethanol everyday. And it seems we are leaders over this technology.

I have a bi-fuel car and the ethanol (or alcool) is cheaper than gasoline. Most of cars are been produced as a bi-fuel (we call them FLEX cars) and I think this is the future for the cars fabricators.

Have a nice day.