Friday, January 11, 2008

Stockerblog Interviewed on Brazilian TV

Last year, I was interviewed a couple times on CNBC and even appeared live on Rupert Murdock's new Fox Business Channel on the second day it it started broadcasting.

I have now gone international. I was recently interviewed on a financial news segment of Globo News on the Globo TV network in Brazil, to discuss the Gisele Bündchen Stock Index and other celebrity stock indexes. I appeared on the first eight minutes of the segment and the show was extremely well received by Brazilian viewers.

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DP said...

Eu fui um dos que assistiram o seu vídeo na internet sobre o GB Stock Index, e percebi que seu trabalho é muito original. Nunca havia pensado em um índice de celebridades. Parabéns!

A matéria da qual assiti está neste link:,,MUL253071-9356,00-INVESTIR+EM+GISELE+BUNDCHEN+RENDE+MAIS+QUE+BOLSA+DIZ+ECONOMISTA.html

Sorry, but I don't speak English!
Thank you!