Thursday, June 05, 2008

More iPhone Tips, Especially for Stock Traders

Here are some more tips relating to the Apple Inc. (AAPL) iPhone, a couple of which are related to the stock quotes. These may be useful to those who have just bought an iPhone and maybe iPhone owners who have had their iPhone for a while but didn't realize these techniques were available.

1. If you are typing in Notes or typing a message in an email, and you need to type a period, instead of clicking the .?123 key then clicking the period, just double-click on the Space Bar and it will automatically put in a period and a space.

2. Need to quickly get to your favorite phone numbers in order to make a phone call, no matter what you are currently looking at (stocks, maps, weather, clock, etc., instead of pressing the Home button (the big indentation at the bottom of your screen), then pressing the Phone icon, then clicking on the Favorites button, you can just double-click on the Home button and it will immediately bring you to the Phone Favorites.

3. When you look at your list of stocks, does it show percentage increase/decrease or points increase/decrease? It really doesn't matter, since there are a couple of easy ways to switch back and forth. First the slow way: click on the 'i' in the lower right corner, at the bottom of the screen, click on either % or numbers, which ever you prefer, then click Done.

4. Now the easy way to switch back and forth between stock quote points versus percentage. Click on one of the green (hopefully) or red (hopefully not) numbers on the right side of the stock list and the entire list will switch from percentage to points and back.

5. Don't like the order of the stocks on you list? First, click on the 'i' in the lower right corner, press on the three grey bars to the right of the stock you want to move up or down, then slide it up or down. When done, click the Done button.

6. You don't have to know the stock symbol of the stock you want to add to your list, just part of the name. To add a stock, click on the 'i' in the lower right corner, click on the + in the upper left corner, type the first word of the company name (e.g. Apple), click Search, wait a few seconds, choose the stock you want by clicking on it (e.g. Apple Inc., Applera Corp., Nicholas Applegate, etc.), then click Done.

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