Thursday, October 09, 2008

Texas Stocks

The first oil well in Texas was discovered in 1901. Texas is today the largest oil producer in the US. But this state’s economy has evolved greatly during the last few years, signaling a transition towards a service industry, and beginning to research for alternative energy sources.

These are some interesting facts about Texas:

1. Texas is the world’s 12th largest economy.
2. Texas gained 250,000 new jobs between August 2007, and 2008.
3. The state is the largest energy consumer in the country.
4. Texas is also the major producer of oil (21.3%) and gas (27.8%) of total domestic production.
5. Texas is the number one exporter state, with $134.2 billion in 2007.
6. Chemicals were the number one exporter during 2007, for a total of $35 billion.
7. Texas is the state with the 3rd lowest cost of living in the country.
8. Texas has a program called ETF that funds commercial projects that research and seek to produce scientific or medical breakthroughs.
9. Tourists visiting State parks bring $15.7 million in gross state product, about 288 new jobs each year.
10. 83% of Texas jobs are in the service industry.

The following companies are headquartered in Texas:

Exxon Mobil Corporation (XOM) produces, transports, refines and sales oil and natural gas. The stock has a PE of 10, a PEG of 0.97, and it pays a yield of 2%.

AT&T Inc. (T) provides communication services, including voice, satellite, mobile, and cable TV. The stock has a PE of 13, a PEG of 1.20, and it pays a yield of 5.7%.

ConocoPhillips (COP) explores, produces, refines, transports and sells crude oil and natural gas in the United States. It also operates oil sands in Canada. The stock has a PE of 6, a PEG of 0.50, and it pays a yield of 2.7%.

Schlumberger Limited (SLB) is in the business of providing services to the oil and gas exploration industry. The stock has a PE of 16, a PEG of 0.76, and it pays a yield of 1.1%.

Transocean (RIG) provides services to the oil exploration industry. It also explores and produce oil in the United States. The stock has a PE of 6, and a PEG of 0.43.

Apache Corporation (APA) explores and produces oil. This energy company has operations in the United States, Egypt, Australia, Canada, United Kingdom and Argentina. The stock has a PE of 7, a PEG of 0.68, and it pays a yield of 0.6%.

Dell Inc. (DELL) designs produces, and sells computer and support worldwide. The company offers PC, laptops, servers, and other computer related equipment. The stock has a PE of 11, and a PEG of 0.94.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe Corporation (BNI) is in the transportation industry. Some of its services include the transportation of agricultural, industrial, and consumer products. The stock has a PE of 16, a PEG of 0.97, and it pays a yield of 1.8%.

Texas Instruments Incorporated (TXN) develops and markets high tech electronic component. Its products are used by the communications, computer and automotive industries. The stock has a PE of 10, a PEG of 0.77, and it pays a yield of 1.8%.

Marathon Oil Corporation (MRO) explores, refines and sells natural gas and oil. The stock has a PE of 8, a PEG of 0.66, and it pays a yield of 2.5%.

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