Monday, December 01, 2008

Cheap Stocks: Stocks Selling Below Cash with No Debt

If you are looking for a stock that has almost no downside, you can't beat a stock that is trading at a price below its cash per share, and on top of that, has little or no debt. has just updated their list of stocks selling below cash and has added a column which shows the amount a debt that the company has. Surprisingly, there are about a half a dozen with no debt at all and several more with relatively low debt.

For example, TradeStation Group Inc. (TRAD), an online stock brokerage company, has about $16 in cash yet the stock sells for less than $7 per share. Not only that, the stock is debt free. The company announced last month that their daily trading volume rose 62 percent in October. The stock has a PE of 8 and a PEG of 0.42.

Another 'below cash' stock is Health Net Inc. (HNT), the managed health care company. The company has over $20 per share in cash and the stock sells for less than $9 per share. In addition, the company only has $645 million in debt. The company just announced that that Jonathan H. Scheff has returned as chief medical officer. The stock has a PE of 5 and a PEG of 0.48.

CIENA Corp. (CIEN), the network hardware and software company, sells for less than $7 per share but has cash per share of over $11. They have about $800 million in debt. Their earnings call is scheduled for Thursday, December 11. The stock has a PE of 7 and a PEG of 0.37.

For a downloadable Excel database of cheap stocks, which can be sorted and changed, go to to see the Stocks Selling Below Cash with No or Low Debt.



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