Wednesday, December 17, 2008


(Washington DC, 12/17/08) Remember, you heard it here first. Effective January 1, 2009, stock brokerage firms which are Depository Trust Company participants (most of them are) will no longer allow the issuance of stock certificates for over 7,000 companies. The Securities and Exchange Commission made this decision on December 1 of this year. There are a small number of stocks which are not DTC registered, and those companies can have certificates issued until July 1, 2009.

Disclosure: Author buys and sells antique stock certificates


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Chartist said...

Technical Market Forecast:The DJIA Will Hit between 10,027 - 11,169 by December 31, 2008!

My daily DJIA chart is as of Friday December 19, 2008. It provides a short-term Bullish forecast, and balances the majority gloomy Bearish view.

The chart with my notes and marks indicate a DJIA Ascending Triangle (short-term forecast to DJIA: 10,027.62 - Fibonacci retracement: .312); and a Reverse Head and Shoulders (Intermediate forecast to DJIA: 11,169.41 - Fibonacci retracement: .618). This work is confirmed by the other major market indices: NASDAQ, SP 500, and QQQQ.

The chart is available Free as an Image (.jpg) file upon request to Chartist

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