Friday, December 07, 2012

One of my Favorite Stock Trading Resources

If you have never owned the Stock Trader's Almanac by Jeff Hirsch, you should reward yourself for next year, or at the very least, buy it for a stock trading friend as a holiday gift.

This is the most fascinating books on stock trading that revolves around the calendar for the year. The historical market cycle analysis covered by the book is very, very extensive. Just the information on trading patterns is worth more than the price of the book. Sections include market probability calendars, 10-year daily point changes, monthly cash flows into stocks, best days, weeks, and months by point and percent, and much, much more.

The calendar has lots of trading ideas throughout the year. Every other page has an interesting article or useful prognosticating tool.

If there is ever a book that a trader needs, it is the 2013 Edition of Stock Trader's Almanac. You still have time to order it and have it before year end.

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Unknown said...

I buy one of these every year. It is a staple on my desk which aids me in doing business.Options Trading