Friday, April 30, 2010

What Oddsmakers are Saying about Goldman Sachs

In light of recent tense Goldman Sachs hearing and in advance of the Senate’s third attempt to move forward with a sweeping financial reform bill, oddmakers at, a leading sportsbook, has put together odds on how it will all play out. According to the experts, look for Goldman’s stock to continue to soar, more executives to take the fall and a failure to pass broad reaching financial legislation. Full results below:

What will happen to Goldman stock at the end of the trial, one week after the results are announced?

Go down +100 (50%)

Go up -200 (67%)

Stay the same +100 (50%)

In addition to Fabrice Tourre – how many more Goldman execs will get specifically charged in conjunction to the Goldman fraud case by the end of the year?

0 +500 (18%)

1 +200 (33%)

2 +100 (50%)

3 -200 (67%)

4 or more -150 (60%)

Will the SEC regulation laws change as a result of the Goldman case only in the event the bank and Tourre are not found guilty?

Yes +300 (25%)

No -400 (80%)

[The +/- Indicates the Return on the Wager. For Example: Betting on the odd least likely to win would earn the most amount of money, should that happen. The percentage is the likelihood the odd will happen.]

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