Monday, January 30, 2012

Book Review: Mystery+Humor+Court Drama+Dogs

What do you get when you mix mystery, humor, court drama, and dogs? You get the book by David Rosenfelt called New Tricks. I enjoy mysteries and I enjoy reading humor but it is rare to find books that combine both. In addition, I am a dog lover, so if a book includes dogs in the equation, then I have a great book.

The book involves big inheritance disputes, big business disputes, and big family disputes. In regards to the courtroom drama, the attorney's 'client' is a a Bernese mountain puppy. For some reason, people are either killed or almost killed who are in the proximity of the dog. Find out why and find out who ends up owning the dog. Dog lovers will love New Tricks. By the way, I listened to the New Tricks Audio CD version of the book.

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