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Portugal Stocks

Some interesting trivia about Portugal:

1. It is a member of the European Union, the United Nations, Eurozone, OECD, NATO, and the CPLP.
2. It is ranked 40th in GDP purchasing power parity.
3. It was one of the founding countries of the euro.
4. It is the world's leading producer of cork.
5. Their major industries are oil refining, automotive, cement production, pulp and paper, textile, footwear, and furniture.
6. Port wine is named after the country's second largest city, Porto.
7. It is ranked 22nd in terms of Global Competitiveness.
8. It has the 19th highest quality of life in the world.
9. It has the world's largest solar power plant.
10. It has the world's first commercial wave power farm.

Here are some stocks worth investigating:

Portugal Telecom SGPS SA (PT), the largest telecom company in Portugal, is a provider of telecommunications, cable TV, satellite TV, and other multimedia services in Portugal and Brazil. It also operates in Morocco, Cape Verde, Mozambique, Angola, Kenya, and the People's Republic of China. The stock has a P/E of 13.2, a PEG of 0.92, and a yield of 3.5%.

Brisa Auto Estradas de Portugal, S.A. (BRSAY.PK) is in the business of in the construction, maintenance and operation of highways in Portugal. The stock has a P/E of 30.65.

EDP Energias de Portugal SA (EDPFY.PK) is an electric utility in Portugal. The stock has a PE of 20.6 and a PEG of 14.71.

Portucel -Empresa Prod de Pasta de Papel (PIEPF.PK) (PTI.LS), is a producer and distributor of cellulose pulp and paper in Portugal. The stock has a P/E of 13.86.

Inapa-IPG S.A. (IPGXY.PK) (INA.LS) produces and sells commercial paper, with operations in Portugal, Germany, France, Switzerland, Spain, United Kingdom, Italy, Belgium and Luxembourg. Latest quarter report showed a net loss of 2.60% and an operating margin of 1.35%.

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