Tuesday, October 16, 2007

RFID Implants For Humans Banned in California

The mandatory implanting of RFID [Radio Frequency Identification] Implants in humans has been banned in the state of California. A Cincinnati company reportedly required employees who work in its secure data center to have RFID implants. VeriChip Corporation was the first to receive approval by the FDA to implant RFIDs in humans in 2004, and have implanted over 2,000 of the chips in humans. VeriChip is owned by Applied Digital (ADSX), which trades on NASDAQ.

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In America, we should be allowed to have some sort of privacy.
If the government forces everyone to carry a Drivers License with these RFID tags embedded in them, and they can scan them from a distance... say, you and 4 of your friends are driving to the beach... your car is scanned, and the data goes into some database, then the government can track who your friends are, and where you go. If you are scanned at a certain latitude and longitude, it could show up that you and 4 of your friends were together, at such and such place, on such and such date. And you would not even know you were tracked, and filed in a database.
The next step, RFID Implanting in Humans Manditory! Yes, Manditory in all 50 states. Can you not see where this is going! If you have a chip implanted in you, the government can track your every move, 24 hours a day, around the clock and also who you spend time with! Think of the possibilities of this! You are right, soon if states, and people do not go along with this, they will lose Federal Funding... it is just a matter of time.