Thursday, December 16, 2010

Green Christmas Stocks: High Yield Retailer Companies

If the economy really is starting to turn around and consumers are buying again, then this could end up being a green, as in money, Christmas. Amazon (AMZN) should be one of the biggest beneficiaries of the holiday buying season, but it doesn't pay a dividend. Obviously, there are plenty of retail stocks, sometimes referred to as consumer cyclical stocks, to choose from, but not that many that pay high dividends. has developed a list of over 35 retailers that pay yields ranging from 2% to greater than 6%.

Mattel Inc. (MAT) is the largest toy company in the United States, known for its Barbie Dolls, Hot Wheels, Matchbox toys, View-Masters, and numerous other toy products. The stock yields 3.3% and trades at 13 times forward earnings. Quarterly earnings were up 23% on a 2.3% rise in quarterly revenues. Total dividend payouts of $297 million are easily covered by operating cash flow of $846 million.

Cherokee Inc. (CHKE) markets apparel and footwear under the brand names of Cherokee, Sideout, Carole Little, Saint Tropez-West, Chorus Line, and All That Jazz. the company gives out a substantial dividend yield of 7.9%, which is paid out on a quarterly basis. The stock has a price to earnings ratio of 15. The company just reported a 16% drop in earnings per share, but on the positive side, its balance sheet remains debt free.

Philips Electronics NV (PHG) makes everything from MP3 players to digital picture frames to flat panel TVs to electric toothbrushes. The stock pay a dividend of 2.6% and trades at 14 times forward earnings. Earnings for the latest quarter were up an incredible 201% on a 9.6% rise in revenues. The stock has 6.32 in cash per share.

To see a free downloadable Excel list of high yield retailer stocks, which can be sorted and updated, go to

Disclosure: Author owns AMZN and MAT.


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