Tuesday, December 28, 2010

The Network is Your Customer

The quality of books I have been asked to review during the last month or so has gone way up; not sure why, but the last couple have been excellent. The one I'm reviewing now, The Network Is Your Customer: Five Strategies to Thrive in a Digital Age by David L. Rogers, is great. The books covers how to be successful in business through networking, using five strategies, access, engage, customize, connect, and collaborate.

I love the real life examples that he gives throughout the book, and includes both small (as small as one person) and large organizations. Chapter 8 is probably the most important one, describing how to implement his advice. Each step is broken down into easily understandable and implementable sub-steps. At the end of the book is a helpful self-assessment which allows you to determine how networked your organization is.

If you are involved with a business or even a non-profit organization, and your organizational networking could use come improvement, then I highly recommend The Network Is Your Customer.

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