Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Book Review: Super Cash – The New Hedge Fund Capitalism

I just finished reading SuperCash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism by James Altucher, and just the suggested web sites given throughout are worth more than the price of the book. This book covers the numerous strategies for various asset classes that are used by hedge funds to make substantial amounts of money.

The book doesn't cover just the standard stock trading and hedging techniques to make money, it covers investments in the 'exotics', such as taxi medallions, rare coins, delinquent credit card debt, subprime auto loans, and many others. Altucher also gives news twists to different investing techniques. For example, if a stock is removed from the S&P 600, should you buy it or sell it. If you think it's better to sell the stock because of all the mirroring ETF's and mutual funds dumping the stock, you would be wrong. Read Chapter 11 to find out why.

He also covers short selling, arbitrage, PIPE's and even investments in art work. These are just a few of the many, many ways that Altucher gives that are used by hedge funds but much of which can be performed by the average investor. If you want to learn about hedge fund techniques beyond just stock trading, get a copy of SuperCash: The New Hedge Fund Capitalism.

Review by Fred Fuld at Stockerblog.com

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